Month: August 2019

Should the Linux Kernel Accept Drivers Written In Rust?

Packt’s recent story about Rust had the headline “Rust is the future of systems programming, C is the new Assembly.” But there was an interesting discussion about the story on One reader suggested letting people write drivers for the Linux kernel in Rust. (“There’s a good chance that encouraging people to submit their wacky…

The best coffee grinders you can buy right now – CNET

We tested a whole mess of home coffee grinders. Here are our favorites for 2019. …read more Source:: CNet

Brazilian citizen data under threat with sale of national tech firms

A manifesto released by the employees at one of the state-controlled firms to be privatized by the government raises concerns over the future of information belonging to millions of citizens. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Trusty reusable coffee cups to keep your coffee hot and wallet full – CNET

Be kinder to your budget — and to the environment. …read more Source:: CNet

Intel Engineer Launches Working Group To Bring Rust ‘Full Parity With C’

Someone from the Rust language governance team gave an interesting talk at this year’s Open Source Technology Summit. Josh Triplett (who is also a principal engineer at Intel), discussed “what Intel is contributing to bring Rust to full parity with C,” in a talk titled Intel and Rust: the Future of Systems Programming. An anonymous…

A Radio Transceiver From A Cable Modem Chipset

It’s a staple of our community’s work, to make electronic devices do things their manufacturers never intended for them. Analogue synthesisers using CMOS logic chips for example, or microcontrollers that bitbang Ethernet packets without MAC hardware. One of the most fascinating corners of this field comes in the form of software defined radios (SDRs), with…

Scientists Excited By Discovery of an Impossibly Large Black Hole

In 2017 several scientists co-signed a wager at the Aspen Center for Physics that a black hole wouldn’t be discovered between 55 and 130 solar masses. They may have lost, reports the Atlantic: Black-hole physicists have been excitedly discussing reports that the LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detectors recently picked up the signal of an unexpectedly…

Intermittent Fasting May Be As Beneficial As Counting Calories

“A type of intermittent fasting that calls for eating nothing one day, and then whatever a person wants the next, can be done safely for several months and comes with a number of health benefits, a study has found.” An anonymous reader quotes Alternate day fasting improved cardiovascular markers, reducing blood pressure and heart…

Joker early reviews: ‘Dark, sick, twisted’ and an Oscar contender – CNET

Could Joaquin Phoenix win an Academy Award for his role as the Clown Prince of Crime? …read more Source:: CNet

5G myths: What’s true and what’s not about the next-gen network – CNET

We clear up some of the confusion around 5G. …read more Source:: CNet