Month: December 2023

‘Aquaman 2’ Has Made Just 12% of What ‘Aquaman 1’ Earned

Forbes writes: “I am not sure there could have been a more ignominious end to the DCEU.”

Aquaman 2 opened with $27.7 million domestically, well under half the $67.8 million opening for the original Aquaman. But it’s the overall box office totals that ……

3D Printing Your Own Triboelectric Generators

A triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) certainly sounds like the sort of thing you’d need to graduate from Starfleet Engineering to put together, but it actually operates on the same principle that’s at …read more

Oversized Mattress Guide: Types, Price Range and Things to Consider Before Buying – CNET

Oversized beds extend beyond the classic king and California king. Here’s everything you need to know about extra-large mattresses….

Disable This One Apple iPhone Setting to Prevent App Tracking Now – CNET

The iPhone security boost you didn’t know you needed….

Is the Internet About to Get Weird Again?

Long-time tech entrepreneur Anil Dash predicts a big shift in the digital landscape in 2024. And “regular internet users — not just the world’s tech tycoons — may be the ones who decide how it goes.”

The first thing to understand about thi……

Welcome To The Year Of The Diagonal Linux Desktop

Sometimes you come across one of those ideas that at first appear to have to be some kind of elaborate joke, but as you dig deeper into it, it begins …read more

Source-Based Gentoo Linux Goes Binary

While Gentoo Linux is best-known as source-based Linux distribution, “our package manager, Portage, already for years also has support for binary packages,” according to its web page. It notes that source- and binary-based package installations can be ……

Save Up to $150 on Bose Speakers, Earbuds and Headphones Right Now – CNET

Get top audio for less with these year-end deals from Bose. Pricing starts at just $99….

How ‘Digital Twin’ Technology Is Revolutionizing the Auto Industry

“Digital twin technology is one of the most significant disruptors of global manufacturing seen this century,” argues Motor Trend, “and the automobile industry is embracing it in a big way.”

Roughly three-quarters of auto manufacturers are using digit……

How do you teach a robot dog new tricks? Throw it a string of hex, a crayon, and a canvas

Artist Agnieszka Pilat tells The Register how she gets Spot to paint, not pant
Boston Dynamics’ “Spot” robot dog has been deployed as a tour guide, a police officer, and a warehouse worker. At the National Gallery Of Victoria’s Triennial in Melbourne, ……