Day: August 26, 2013

Top transportation technologies for urban dwellers

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite technologies for getting from here to there on crowded city streets…….

For Chrome, the Omnibox is not enough

Google is slowly upgrading the New Tab page to include its own search box, which can be changed to a default engine other than Google Search…….

Debian Security Advisory 2742-1

Debian Linux Security Advisory 2742-1 – It was discovered that PHP, a general-purpose scripting language commonly used for web application development, did not properly process embedded NUL characters in the subjectAltName extension of X.509 certificates. Depending on the application and with insufficient CA-level checks, this could be abused for impersonating other users…….

Mac OS X Sudo Password Bypass

This Metasploit module gains a session with root permissions on versions of OS X with sudo binary vulnerable to CVE-2013-1775. Tested working on Mac OS 10.7-10.8.4, and possibly lower versions. If your session belongs to a user with Administrative Privileges (the user is in the sudoers file and is in the “admin group”), and the…

Feature Phone Hack Can Block Calls, Texts On Some Networks

Trailrunner7 writes, quoting Threat Post “By tweaking the firmware on certain kinds of phones, a hacker could make it so other phones in the area are unable to receive incoming calls or SMS messages, according to research presented at the USENIX Security Symposium. The hack involves modifying the baseband processor on some Motorola phones and…

Botched court doc outs Google as respondent in national security flap

Government says company can’t be named, then names it……

Facebook stock hits a record high, since IPO

It looks like the social network’s share price could be making a comeback as it reaches $41.94 per share; but, it might not be time to celebrate yet…….

Assange’s brilliant mullet-wearing, classic-miming video

In the run-up to Australia’s elections, the WikiLeaks founder sings an ’80s classic on a marvelously demented “Game of Thrones” satirical video…….

Wall Street Traders Charged With Copying Code To Start Their Own Company

coondoggie writes “Talk about starting a business on shaky ground. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office says former Wall Street traders stole electronic trading source code and data from their then trading firm in an effort to start up their own financial business.” Sending yourself pilfered code through your company email account is probably not the…

Google’s Field Trip app brings Red Hook to life

The second Field Trip Day celebrated the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook with food, re-enactments, and a good spoonful of the bizarre…….