Day: August 28, 2013

Red Hat mints OpenStack certification

Helps devs turn open source project into CV-filling bulletpoint……

Greens propose to force IT companies to disclose govt agreements

The Australian Greens party has proposed requiring IT providers to release to customers the exact details of their agreements with foreign governments over the provision of customer data…….

Fukushima Daiichi Water Leak Raised To Level 3 Severity

AmiMoJo writes “Japan’s nuclear regulators have raised the level of severity of the radioactive water leak from a tank at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. It is now a level-3 serious incident. The revision from level 1 is based on estimates of the volume of radioactive substances leaked. The International Atomic Energy Agency supports the…

ACCC told cable nets should offer wholesale

HFC declaration debate re-opened……

AVTECH DVR Buffer Overflow / CAPTCHA Bypass

Core Security Technologies Advisory – Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in AVTECH AVN801 DVR (and potentially other devices sharing the affected firmware) that could allow a remote attacker to exploit multiple buffer overflows resulting in arbitrary code execution or bypass CAPTCHA functionality for logging into the administrative console. Proof of concept code included…….

Scientists shine a light on irregular heart beats

Biomedical engineers out of Johns Hopkins and Stony Brook say gentle beams of light — instead of electric jolts — could be used to treat arrhythmias in the near future…….

Kiwis (finally) confirm software ban under new patent law

Lone stand or first domino?……

Antique sofa finds balance through robotics

A 170-year-old sofa balances upright on a single leg thanks to orientation machinery used in satellites…….

Australia first for VMware hybrid cloud push but NZ leads on cloud

As the virtualisation vendor lines its ducks in a row for its new vCloud Hybrid Service in Australia, it says New Zealand is the region’s cloud leader…….

Women execs have self-doubt, choose to ‘lean back’

After a revealing conversation with a top female executive in Singapore, ZDNet’s Eileen Yu wonders if women often have self-doubt and discusses why this may not necessarily be a bad thing…….