Day: September 4, 2013

Ken Wallis Autogyro Pioneer Dies At 97

First time accepted submitter gb7djk writes “Wing Commander Ken Wallis the developer and promoter of small autogyros died peacefully today 4th September, aged 97, at his home in Norfolk. Ken is mainly remembered for ‘Little Nellie’, the tooled up autogyro that took on some helicopters in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. He…

How to print to your Mac’s printer from anywhere

Apple’s iCloud service makes printing to your remote Mac relatively easy to do…….

Patched Safari bug being exploited by hackers

Though the bug is known and has been addressed, hackers may still attempt to use a JavaScript vulnerability to target unpatched Macs…….

Intel Bay Trail, Windows 8.1 to arrive on 8-inch Toshiba tablet

Get ready for a new breed of tablets and hybrids sporting Intel’s Atom chip and Windows 8.1. One of the first out of the gate is the Toshiba Encore…….

Startup funding still a major challenge in Australia

With funding still being a challenge for startups in Australia, governments and larger corporates are emerging as a source of support for promising new companies…….

Amazon Hiring More Than a 100 Who Can Get Top Secret Clearances

dcblogs writes “Amazon has more than 100 job openings for people who can get a top secret clearance, which includes a U.S. government administered polygraph examination. It needs software developers, operations managers and cloud support engineers, among others. Amazon’s hiring effort includes an invitation-only recruiting event for systems support engineers at its Herndon, Va., facility…

Nokia threatens to break Samsung’s KitKat

In a tweeted waving of the fists, Nokia’s German arm displays a suitable aggression toward its Android rival…….

Arbor slurps Packetloop

Plans expansion of Sydney operation……

SNES emulator slips onto App Store, shoots straight to No. 1

A storage app that also happens to run Super Nintendo games by emulation has managed to get on the App Store, and is the top selling app…….

Intel shows off ‘disaggregated’ rack of servers, storage, and networking

Breaking up is no longer hard to do……