Day: June 16, 2018

America’s Former CTO Remembers Historic Coders

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In her Bard College commencement speech, ex-Google VP and former U.S. CTO Megan Smith revealed to graduates that she gave President Obama a computing history lesson on the same day he learned to code in 2014. “I walked into the Oval Office to do coding with President Obama, and, interestingly,…

Deadpool joining the Avengers? Ryan Reynolds wants it to happen – CNET

Will the Avengers assemble, and add the Merc with a Mouth? And what kind of parental rating would that movie get? …read more Source:: CNet

Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot reveals first look at costume – CNET

Wonder Woman has apparently acquired a very 1980s accessory: A curling iron. It’s a big hairy deal. …read more Source:: CNet

‘Open Source Security’ Loses in Court, Must Pay $259,900 To Bruce Perens

Bruce Perens co-founded the Open Source Initiative with Eric Raymond — and he’s also Slashdot reader #3872. Now he’s just won a legal victory in court. “Open Source Security, maker of the grsecurity Linux kernel patches, has been directed to pay Bruce Perens and his legal team almost $260,000 following a failed defamation claim,” reports…

Rick and Morty back in production, pledges no more long waits – CNET

Those promised 70 episodes are on the way, so settle in with some Szechuan sauce and maybe a pickle (Rick) or two. …read more Source:: CNet

A 3D-Printed Robot Actuator

Somehow, walking robots at our level never really seem to deliver on the promise that should be delivered by all those legs. Articulation using hobby servos is simple enough to achieve, but cumbersome, slow, and not very powerful. [Paul Gould] has a plan to make a better, 3D-printed articulated robot actuator. His solution is both…

Why OpenStreetMap Should Be a Priority for the Open Source Community

“Despite its low profile, OpenStreetMap is arguably one of the most important projects for the future of free software,” argues Glyn Moody, author of Rebel Code: Linux And The Open Source Revolution, in a new Linux Journal article shared by long-time Slashdot reader carlie: The rise of mobile phones as the primary computing device for…

All 17 Jack-Jack powers in the Incredibles 2, explained – CNET

There are a lot… …read more Source:: CNet

2018 iPhones could have OLED screens like iPhone X and there’s new hope for Steam Link – CNET

This week’s iPhone news, summed up. …read more Source:: CNet

Eric Raymond Shares ‘Code Archaeology’ Tips, Urges Bug-Hunts in Ancient Code

Open source guru Eric Raymond warned about the possibility of security bugs in critical code which can now date back more than two decades — in a talk titled “Rescuing Ancient Code” at last week’s SouthEast Linux Fest in North Carolina. In a new interview with ITPro Today, Raymond offered this advice on the increasingly…