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Dirty TRS-80 Has a Surprise Hack

[Adrian] had a TRS-80 model IV that looks like it was stored in a mulch pile. However, it seemed to have some surprises. The first hint that something was up …read more

Remuneration coming for TrustCor customers impacted by CA revocation

Also, a Capone henchman lands behind bars, while nearly 9/10 DoD contract firms fail security standards In brief  Certificate Authority TrustCor responded to its ejection from Mozilla and Microsoft’s browsers by offering refunds for some customers, whi……

Amazon Builds a New Drone – But Is It Falling Behind Other Drone Delivery Services?

Axios reports:
As Amazon prepares to debut its long-delayed Prime Air drone delivery service, it’s also showing off a smaller, quieter drone that will be ready in 2024 and could be making regular deliveries in major cities by the end of the decade.


Rackspace customers rage as email outage continues and migrations create migraines

Hosting company has nothing to say on data loss, restore times, or root cause Rackspace has not offered any explanation of the “security incident” that has taken out its hosted Exchange environment and led the company to predict multiple days of downti……

Miracle of Science: Scotch Tape Improves Generator

We were always amused that one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the recent past — graphene — was started with pencil lead and Scotch tape. Now, researchers at the …read more

Showering Before Bed? Try These 2 Things for Better Sleep – CNET

Have you been searching for the ultimate hack for falling asleep fast? Showering might be your golden ticket….

Over 50 Programmers Generate 50,000-Word Novels For 9th Annual ‘Nanogenmo’ Event

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Since 1999 fiction writers have tried starting and finishing the composition of 50,000-word novels in November for “National Novel Writing Month”. But for the last nine years, programmers have instead tried……

Linux 6.1 gets an eighth release candidate and Linus Torvalds is OK with that

Kernel devs offer emperor penguin early gifts of code for version 6.2
Linus Torvalds has announced an eighth release candidate for version 6.1 of the Linux kernel.……

Samsung Electronics names its first woman president

In its year’s end reshuffle, Samsung also said it will retain the positions of its two CEOs due to the current “harsh business reality”….

Senator Urges Automakers to Keep Making Cars with AM Radio

The Boston Globe reports that U.S. Senator Ed. Markey just sent a letter to more than 20 car manufacturers asking them to continue including AM radios in future car models — including electric vehicles:
Some EV manufacturers have raised concerns ……