Day: June 26, 2018

Tesla Model S battery reignited twice after crash, NTSB reports – Roadshow

But it’s not something you should be freaking out about. …read more Source:: CNet

Mozilla Announces Firefox Monitor Tool Testing, Firefox 61

Mozilla is testing a new tool that securely checks to see if users’ accounts have been hacked. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Facebook now allows some cryptocurrency ads – CNET

But get-rich-quick schemes are still out. …read more Source:: CNet

Instagram’s new 4-way group video chat lets you browse, too – CNET

Sure, FaceTime will have 32-person chat — but you can keep using Instagram while you gab. …read more Source:: CNet

Trump should reconsider ZTE deal, urge Republican and Democratic senators – CNET

Sen. Mark Warner and Sen. Marco Rubio agree that ZTE poses a national security threat. …read more Source:: CNet

Mumbai Bans Plastic Bags, Bottles, and Single-Use Plastic Containers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Mumbai has the become the largest Indian city to ban single-use plastics, with residents caught using plastic bags, cups or bottles to face penalties of up to 25,000 rupees (~$365) and three months in jail from Monday. Council inspectors in navy blue jackets have been posted…

Class-action status snub for lawsuit alleging Microsoft mistreatment of women workers

Redmond slips out of key provision in discrimination case Microsoft may not have to face a class-action complaint over its alleged mishandling of harassment and discrimination complaints by women employees.… …read more Source:: Register

How companies can innovate at scale

Innovation and scale attract quite different types of people, require different approaches and toolsets, and represent different phases in the lifecycle of a product, process, or even a company. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Audi delays, relocates E-Tron electric SUV reveal – Roadshow

The timing for this change is odd, but Audi’s reason makes sense. …read more Source:: CNet

NASA Asks: Will We Know Life When We See It?

In the last decade, we have discovered thousands of planets outside our solar system and have learned that rocky, temperate worlds are numerous in our galaxy. The next step will involve asking even bigger questions. Could some of these planets host life? And if so, asks NASA, will we be able to recognize life elsewhere…