Month: June 2018

Sonar in Your Hand

Sonar measures distance by emitting a sound and clocking how long it takes the sound to travel. This works in any medium capable of transmitting sound such as water, air, or in the case of FingerPing, flesh and bone. FingerPing is a project at Georgia Tech headed by [Cheng Zhang] which measures hand position by…

The Quest To Find Nuclear Fuel On the Moon

Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East reports: India’s space program wants to go where no nation has gone before — to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of dollars. The nation’s equivalent of NASA…

Ask Slashdot: Is There a ‘Gig Economy’ Site For Tech Skills?

“Where I can meet up with people who just need solutions implemented?” asks Slashdot reader datavirtue: Somewhere people can go when they have a solution designed in-house with documented requirements and are in need of a competent engineer(s) to assist with implementation. Where timelines and price estimates and rates are well defined and enforced. If…

Compulab releases MintBox Mini 2 PC with Linux Mint 19 pre-installed

Announced earlier this year, the fanless mini-PC has a $299 starting price and ships with a quad-core Intel Celeron processor and the latest flavor of Mint. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Microsoft Re-Launches Its Classic ‘IntelliMouse’

An anonymous reader quotes HotHardware: Every so often, a company will tap into our penchant for nostalgia. That is the case right now with Microsoft bringing back its iconic IntelliMouse, which was first introduced back in 1996… Microsoft continued to update the IntelliMouse for several years, up through 2003 when it released the IntelliMouse 3.0….

Gyrotourbillion Blesses The Eyes, Hard to Say

Clock movements are beautifully complex things. Made up of gears and springs, they’re designed to tick away and keep accurate time. Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of the universe, various sources of error tend to creep in – things like temperature changes, mechanical shocks, and so on. In the quest for ever better timekeeping, watchmakers…

2018 iPhone X with USB-C: Why we want it but won’t get it – CNET

Commentary: 30-pin. Lightning. USB-C? Get your dongles ready. …read more Source:: CNet

Shure’s ‘ultimate earbud’ gets a $1,000 price cut – CNET

Ears-on with the $1,999 Shure KSE1200, the “cheap” version of the brilliant KSE1500 electrostatic in-ear headphone. …read more Source:: CNet

Google Downranks 65,000 Pirate Sites In Search Results

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Torrent Freak: In a comment to Australian media, Google states that it has demoted 65,000 [pirate] sites in search results, a list that’s still growing every week. In total, the company received DMCA takedown requests for over 1.8 million domain names, so a little under 4% of these…

SimpliSafe home security locks down a $1 billion investment – CNET

The money comes from the private equity investment firm Hellman & Friedman and will help fund the company’s expansion into international markets. …read more Source:: CNet