Day: October 28, 2018

It’s Becoming Increasingly Unlikely that We’ll See a Major Shift To Virtual Reality Any Time Soon

An anonymous reader shares a report: VR was supposed to be a revolution, with companies like Oculus pioneering a whole new way for gamers and non-gamers alike to be immersed in digital environments — but that excitement has markedly cooled. The media has gone through several cycles of fawning, optimistic prognostication, and… wishful thinking? —…

LG V40, iPhone XR, Pixel 3, new iPad coming (MobileTechRoundup show #449)

Kevin and I both picked up the Apple iPhone XR so shared some initial thoughts while I also have been testing out the LG V40, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL. …read more Source:: ZDNet

IBM to acquire open-source software firm Red Hat for $34B – CNET

Big Blue’s largest deal ever aims to take on Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the cloud. …read more Source:: CNet

Chinese Privately Developed Rocket Fails To Reach Orbit

schwit1 shares a report: A privately developed Chinese carrier rocket failed to reach orbit after lifting off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on Saturday, in a blow to the country’s nascent attempts by private companies to rival Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The three-stage rocket, Zhuque-1, was developed by Beijing-based Landspace. The company said in a microblog…

The Ultimate MIDI Wind Controller Is The Human Voice

When it comes to music, the human voice is the most incredible instrument. From Tuvan throat singing to sopranos belting out an aria, the human vocal tract has evolved over millions of years to be the greatest musical instrument. We haven’t quite gotten to the point where we can implant autotune in our vocal cords,…

IBM acquires Red Hat

This deal is the biggest Linux and open-source acquisition ever. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

Mainframe giant to try on open-source outfit IBM intends to acquire enterprise Linux maker Red Hat for $34bn (£27bn).… …read more Source:: TheRegister

IBM To Buy Red Hat, the Top Linux Distributor, For $34 Billion

International Business Machines (IBM) is acquiring software maker Red Hat in a deal valued at $34 billion, the companies said Sunday. From a report: The purchase, announced on Sunday afternoon, is the latest competitive step among large business software companies to gain an edge in the fast-growing market for Internet-style cloud computing. In June, Microsoft…

Microsoft Research Publishes Prototypes For Phones and Tablets Gaming Controllers

According to a recently published paper by Microsoft Research team, the company could be looking to launch physical controllers for mobile devices. From a report: The research paper documents some of the popular solutions to gaming via a touch screen, while hailing the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Portable (PSP) for circumventing touch-based control limitations with…

A Chinese-Built Replica of the Titanic Will Set Sail From Dubai in 2022

Great news for Celine Dion fans and James Cameron enthusiasts: The Titanic is set to sail again. From a report: Titanic II, a replica of the original Titanic, will make its first voyage in 2022. It will have room for 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members and have the same cabin layout and decor as…