Day: November 14, 2018

T-Mobile’s early Black Friday deal includes free iPhones, LG and Samsung Galaxy phones – CNET

The catch? You’ll have to open up a new line and trade in an eligible device. …read more Source:: CNet

Frozen super-Earth found in second closest star system – CNET

It’s called Barnard’s star b, and while it might not be too hospitable, it’s further proof planets are plentiful beyond our solar system. …read more Source:: CNet

Dan Aykroyd: New Ghostbusters film ‘being written’ for original stars – CNET

Who you gonna call? Maybe, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson. …read more Source:: CNet

Amazon’s $2B in HQ2 incentives just bought it a lot of criticism – CNET

The winners may actually be losers in the big picture, critics say. …read more Source:: CNet

3D Print Springs With Hacked GCode

If you’ve used a desktop 3D printer in the past, you’re almost certainly done battle with “strings”. These are the wispy bits of filament that harden in the air, usually as the printer’s nozzle moves quickly between points in open air. Depending on the severity and the material you’re printing with, these stringy interlopers can…

Black Friday TV deals 2018: The best and the cheapest – CNET

The lowest TV prices of the year start now. Here are our favorite deals so far. …read more Source:: CNet

Peak outer-space VR is here: Oculus Rift releases Spheres – CNET

The trippy space flick was the first virtual-reality experience to sell to a distributor for more than a million dollars. …read more Source:: CNet

Did you by chance hack OPM back in 2015? Good news, your password probably still works!

Government audit finds office still hasn’t cleaned up from Obama-era megabreach More than three years after suffering one of the largest cyber-attacks in US government history, the Office of Personnel Management has yet to adopt dozens of the security measures investigators ordered – including basic stuff like changing passwords.… …read more Source:: Register

BMW’s plea to EU highlights 5G vs. Wi-Fi rift in future connected cars – Roadshow

The standards for cross-vehicle communication aren’t necessarily at odds, but different companies have different ideas about how to move forward. …read more Source:: CNet

Climate Change is Making Hurricanes Even More Destructive, Research Finds

Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston with seven days of pounding rain last August. When scientists went back to look at historical weather patterns, they reported Harvey dumped 20 percent more rain than it typically would have. The culprit: climate change. From a report: High-resolution climate simulations of 15 tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian…