Month: November 2018

Captain Marvel: New trailer arrives, plus release date, cast, plot info and more – CNET

Grab your pager and get ready to head back to the 1990s for a solo film about a Marvel heroine who just might save the universe. Here’s what we know. …read more Source:: CNet

Fresh releases of TypeScript and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac round out November

BigInt and .NET Core 2.2 support? Oh Microsoft, you spoil us! On the eve of Microsoft’s big developer shindig, or rather virtual developer shindig, Connect(); a fresh version of TypeScript has been released, along with an update for Visual Studio users who like their OS Apple-flavoured.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Retrotechtacular: Some Of The Last CRTs From The Factory Floor

It seems crazy having to explain what a piece of technology was like to someone who is barely fifteen years your junior, but yet we have reached that point when it comes to CRTs. There may still be remnants of CRT televisions and monitors left out in the wild, however, the chances that a kid…

Does Google Harm Local Search Rivals? EU Antitrust Regulators Ask

EU antitrust regulators have asked Google’s rivals if the internet search giant unfairly demotes local search competitors, according to a questionnaire seen by Reuters, a move which could lead to a fourth case against the Alphabet unit. From a report: Google has been fined a total 6.76 billion euros ($7.7 billion) in the last 17…

Facebook Quietly Hired Republican Strategy Firm Targeted Victory

Facebook is still reeling from the revelation that it hired an opposition research firm with close ties to the Republican party, but its relationship with Definers Public Affairs isn’t the company’s only recent contract work with deeply GOP-linked strategy firms. TechCrunch reports: According to sources familiar with the project, Facebook also contracted with Targeted Victory,…

Prez Trump to host chinwag with Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Qualcomm – report

And Sundar Pichai heads to griling on Chocolate Factory’s data slurping Execs from Oracle, Microsoft and Google are reportedly to meet US president Donald Trump next week amid strained relations between tech giants and lawmakers.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Pokemon Go may be getting multiplayer battles soon – CNET

Niantic is teasing “Trainer Battles” on social media. …read more Source:: CNet

Companies ‘Can Sack Workers For Refusing To Use Fingerprint Scanners’

Businesses using fingerprint scanners to monitor their workforce can legally sack employees who refuse to hand over biometric information on privacy grounds, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. From a report: The ruling, which will be appealed, was made in the case of Jeremy Lee, a Queensland sawmill worker who refused to comply with a…

Building Portable Linux Devices: Never Been Easier, But Still Hard

We live in a Golden Age of single-board computers. There was a time when a portable computer that was any good was a relatively rare and expensive device, certainly not something you could expect to replicate for yourself. A Psion, or later a Palm or perhaps a WinCE device would have been a lot more…

Bing Warns VLC Media Player Site is ‘Suspicious’ in Likely False-Positive Gaff

After identifying the official VLC media download page as “unsafe” with its Bing search engine, Microsoft now suggests it was done in error. …read more Source:: Threatpost