Day: March 9, 2019

Japanese Police Charge 13-Year-Old Girl For Sharing ‘Unclosable Popup’ Code Online

“Japanese police have brought in, questioned, and charged a 13-year-old female student from the city of Kariya for sharing [links to] browser exploit code online,” writes ZDNet. An anonymous reader shares their report: The code was a mere prank that triggered an infinite loop in JavaScript to show an “unclosable” popup when users accessed a…

Amazon’s Charity ‘AmazonSmile’ Funds Anti-Vaccine Groups

An anonymous reader quotes the Guardian: Amazon appears to be helping fund anti-vaccine not-for-profit organizations through its charity arm, the AmazonSmile Foundation. The AmazonSmile fundraising program — through which Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of a shopper’s Amazon transactions to an organization of their choice — is promoted on the websites of four…

Truly Random MIDI Control

Generating random data is incredibly hard, and most of the random data around you isn’t truly random, but merely pseudo-random. For really random data, you’ll have to look at something like radioactive decay or *holds up spork* something like this. YouTube commenters will also suffice. The idea of using random data for generating musical notes…

For Fukushima’s nuclear disaster, robots offer a sliver of hope – CNET

It’s been almost a decade since the worst nuclear disaster hit. Even now, robots are just getting close enough to see how big the problem is. …read more Source:: CNet

Captain Marvel and me: I was clueless about Carol Danvers, now I love her – CNET

Commentary: There’s a big gap in my knowledge of superheroes, and her name is Captain Marvel. Movie spoilers ahead. …read more Source:: CNet

Facebook Begins Hiding Anti-Vaccine Misinformation

America now has 206 confirmed cases of measles, its highest year-to-date number in over 25 years . Now USA Today reports on how Facebook is responding: In mid-February, Facebook told USA TODAY it had “taken steps” to reduce fake health news and anti-vaxx posts and said it was considering making anti-vaccination content on its site…

Captain Marvel fans: eBay’s new all-female comic shop highlights your heroes – CNET

Wonder Woman and Batgirl writer Gail Simone, one of Superheroine HQ’s curators, talks about the importance of female superheroes: “People want these stories, and I want the gates wide open.” …read more Source:: CNet

Many Android VPN Apps Request ‘Dangerous’ Permissions They Don’t Need

A VPN researcher found that many Android VPN apps request access to sensitive permissions that they don’t need, according to an article shared by WaitingForSupport. ZDNet reports: The study, carried out by John Mason from, analyzed 81 Android apps available for download through the Google Play Store. Mason said he downloaded and extracted the…

Captain Marvel punches out a $61.4 million opening day – CNET

The only film to open higher in China is Avengers: Infinity War. …read more Source:: CNet

Major League Baseball Finally Begins Experimenting With Robot Umpires

“Baseball’s potential future will be showcased in the independent Atlantic League this year, and it includes robot umpires…” reports ESPN, calling it part of “a wide variety of experiments that the Atlantic League will run this season as part of its new partnership with Major League Baseball.” While MLB has long tested potential rule changes…