Day: May 11, 2019

iPhone XR and XS review: Seven months in, what’s good and what’s bad – CNET

Revisiting Apple’s 2018 iPhones in a 2019 world. …read more Source:: CNet

New iPhone to have A13 chip, new cameras and reverse charging, report says – CNET

The iPhone 11 is so close. …read more Source:: CNet

Russia-Linked Hackers Using Sophisticated Backdoor To Hijack Exchange Servers

wiredmikey quotes SecurityWeek: The Russia-linked threat group known as Turla has reportedly been using a sophisticated backdoor to hijack Microsoft Exchange mail servers, ESET reported… The malware, dubbed LightNeuron, allows the attackers to read and modify any email passing through the compromised mail server, create and send new emails, and block emails to prevent the…

Feds Nab Exec On Allegations He Hacked To Steal Info About School Lunches

“After a year-long investigation, a top California exec has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly hacking into a competitor’s website and stealing their customer data in an effort to ruin their business,” writes long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger. “There is an unusual twist, however: this isn’t the high-stakes world of big tech or high finance,…

Battle Tested Current Limiter for Cheap DC Motor Controllers

Running a brushed motor in muddy or dusty environments takes a toll on controllers, with both heavy back EMF and high stall currents. This explains one of the challenge in Europe’s Hacky Racer series, which is decidedly more off-road than America’s Power Racing Series. In pushing these little electric vehicles to the limits, many builders…

‘Is TikTok a Chinese Cambridge Analytica Data Bomb Waiting to Explode?’

CBS News calls TikTok “the first major contender since Snapchat to possibly disrupt a market dominated by social media behemoth Facebook. “The mere three-year-old startup even comes with a history of data-privacy controversies.” Created by China start-up ByteDance in 2016, TikTok has already been downloaded over 1 billion times globally, surpassing both Facebook and Instagram…

After City Switched To a New Bodycam Vendor, Axon Threatened Its Credit Score

Long-time Slashdot reader v3rgEz shares an article from MuckRock: The deal Fontana Police Department struck with Axon sounded simple enough: a trial of five inexpensive body cameras and, for each of them, a Professional subscription to the company’s cloud storage system. When the California city decided to use a different vendor years later, however, it…

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 trailer teases next big battle – CNET

There are only two episodes remaining, so don’t miss a thing. …read more Source:: CNet

Facebook VP Nick Clegg responds to co-founder Hughes’ call for breakup – CNET

In a New York Times editorial, the social network’s VP for global affairs and communications says that what’s needed is stronger oversight, not a dismantling of the company. …read more Source:: CNet

MongoDB Database Containing Over 275 Million Personal Records Exposed and Hacked

“An unprotected and public-facing MongoDB database containing over 275 million records of personal information on Indian citizens has been discovered on search engine Shodan,” writes Slashdot reader helpfulhecker. BleepingComputer reports that the detailed personally identifiable information was exposed online for over two weeks: Security Discovery researcher Bob Diachenko discovered the publicly accessible MongoDB database hosted…