Day: October 16, 2019

Security researcher publishes proof-of-concept code for recent Android zero-day

Qu1ckR00t app can root an Android device using the CVE-2019-2215 zero-day. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Creepy AI Clips cam, Daydream VR headset, 1st-gen Pixel Buds join Google Reader, Allo, Plus in digital heaven

Or cyber-hell depending on your point of view Google has quietly removed Google Clips, an unsettling AI camera, from its Play Store, along with some other kit.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Cybersecurity Advice From Betty White

Among the beloved entertainer’s advice: “Double bag those passwords.”Thanks, Betty. …read more Source:: DarkReading

FCC Votes To Approve T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

The FCC on Wednesday formally approved the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. The vote comes months after the Justice Department greenlit the deal. The Verge reports: In May, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai first signaled that he would vote to approve the merger after the commission and the companies struck a deal that Republicans believed would…

Hundreds charged in internet’s biggest child-abuse swap-shop site bust: IP addy leak led cops to sys-op’s home

23 kids saved, alleged scumbag-in-chief already in jail US prosecutors say a South Korean man was behind the largest child-abuse image-swapping operation yet found on the internet.… …read more Source:: Register

The UN World Food Program is looking for a unicorn to help end hunger by 2030 – CNET

HBO’s Silicon Valley made startups “saving the world” into a punchline. These small companies are actually working on it. …read more Source:: CNet

How Aardman studios brings Shaun the Sheep to life with ‘thumbiness’ – CNET

We visit the famed Aardman, home of Wallace and Gromit, to see how the models of Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon come alive. …read more Source:: CNet

FCC approves merger of T-Mobile and Sprint

Both democrats on the commission voted against the deal, which shrinks the number of major wireless carriers in the US from four to three. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Computational photography: Why Google says its Pixel 4 camera will be so damn good – CNET

What’s the secret behind the best phone cameras? Something called “computational photography.” It’s high-tech, but Google takes inspiration from historic Italian painters. …read more Source:: CNet

US, South Korea officials trace bitcoin transactions to take down massive child porn site

Officials have seized approximately eight terabytes of child sexual exploitation videos and arrested more than 300 people worldwide associated with the site, the US Justice Department said. …read more Source:: ZDNet