Day: April 11, 2020

Best iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cases for 2020: Otterbox, Speck and more compared – CNET

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Mozilla Installs Scheduled Telemetry Task On Windows With Firefox 75

Ghacks writes: Observant Firefox users on Windows who have updated the web browser to Firefox 75 may have noticed that the upgrade brought along with it a new scheduled tasks. The scheduled task is also added if Firefox 75 is installed on a Windows device. The task’s name is Firefox Default Browser Agent and it…

Best Nintendo Switch games for 2020 – CNET

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Best filtered water bottles for 2020 to remove bacteria, sediment and more – CNET

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Best gifts to give tween girls for 2020: Great ideas for 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds – CNET

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Can the FBI Be Trusted with the Surveillance of Americans?

Slashdot reader Matt.Battey writes: While everyone was at home, hunkered down watching Tiger King, and avoiding COVID-19, America’s Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released an update to his December, 2019 report. The findings weren’t reassuring… Over at Bloomberg, they go so far as to say “The FBI Can’t Be Trusted With the Surveillance of…

Best gifts to give grandparents for 2020, from smart tech to sentimental – CNET

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Relive NASA’s Apollo 13 disaster right now on its 50th anniversary – CNET

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Unique Musical Instrument Defies Description

Since the first of our ancestors discovered that banging a stick on a hollow log makes a jolly sound, we hominids have been finding new and unusual ways to make music. We haven’t come close to tapping out the potential for novel instruments, but then again it’s not every day that we come across a…

Coronavirus cancellations and delays: Burning Man, Democratic convention, more – CNET

Movies, music fests, tech conferences, political rallies and sports events have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. …read more Source:: CNet