Day: May 18, 2020

The best Memorial Day deals: laptops, mattresses, air fryers, games and more – CNET

Even a pandemic can’t stop the annual parade of deals that kick off the summer. …read more Source:: CNet

Mars mud volcanoes could be creating strange lava-like flows – CNET

Mud acts really weird on the surface of the red planet. …read more Source:: CNet

Is the coronavirus pandemic giving you bad dreams? Here’s why, and how to cope – CNET

With sleep disrupted and anxiety high, people are having nightmares about insects, elevators and supermarket dangers. Why won’t this virus leave us alone, even in our sleep? …read more Source:: CNet

Cell-Tower Attacks By Idiots Who Claim 5G Spreads COVID-19 Reportedly Hit US

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly issuing alerts to wireless telecom providers and law enforcement agencies about potential attacks on cell towers and telecommunications workers by 5G/coronavirus conspiracy theorists. The DHS warned that there have already been “arson and physical attacks against cell towers in…

Next SpaceX Starlink launch delayed by Tropical Storm Arthur – CNET

Elon Musk’s company has a new solution to the problem of its mega-constellation lighting up the night sky and irking astronomers. For now, it’ll have to wait. …read more Source:: CNet

Apple’s MagicPairing for Bluetooth fails to enchant after mischief-making bugs found hiding in the stack

Known and yet still unfixed flaws lurk in proprietary device-linking tech Apple’s proprietary approach to securing Bluetooth peripherals, known as MagicPairing, has some benefits, but not magical enough to make vulnerabilities vanish.… …read more Source:: Register

Square Announces Permanent Work-From-Home Policy

Square employees will be able to work from home even after the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders end, Jack Dorsey told workers. From a report: The indefinite extension of the company’s remote work policy echoes a similar announcement from Twitter last week. Dorsey is CEO of both companies. “We want employees to be able to work where…

Need a pulse oximeter? These models are in stock starting at $20 – CNET

Don’t pay jacked-up prices to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. …read more Source:: CNet

TikTok’s new CEO is top Disney exec who launched Disney Plus, report says – CNET

Kevin Mayer spearheaded the launch of Disney’s streaming service last year, one of last year’s biggest and most successful product launches. …read more Source:: CNet

Volkswagen R division’s future is electric, executive says – CNET

VW is all-in on electric cars, and the hot R division won’t be left out of the electrification party. …read more Source:: CNet