Day: September 7, 2020

Best cheap gaming mouse in 2020 – CNET

Razer, Logitech, HyperX and more have great options for gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune. …read more Source:: CNet

China To Launch Initiative To Set Global Data-Security Rules

China is launching an initiative to set global standards on data security, countering U.S. efforts to persuade countries to ringfence their networks from Chinese technology, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Reuters: Under its “Global Initiative on Data Security,” China would call on all countries to handle data security in a “comprehensive, objective and…

Disney Plus’s Mulan copies Star Wars and Marvel, in the worst possible way – CNET

Commentary: The new film follows the recent Disney model of emphasizing spectacle over character development with blockbusters like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or the MCU movies. …read more Source:: CNet

On Twitter Usernames With Lots of Numbers

Darius Kazemi: There’s a common belief that Twitter accounts with usernames like @jsmith12345678 must be bots, or trolls, or otherwise nefarious actors. The thing is, since at least as far back as December 2017, the Twitter signup process has not allowed you to choose your own username! It instead gives you a name based on…

Easy Focus Stacking With Your CNC Machine

Macro photography is the art of taking photos of things very close up, and ideally at great detail. Unfortunately cameras have poor depth of field at close ranges, so to get around this, many use focus stacking techniques. This involves taking many photos at different focal lengths and digitally compositing them together. To help achieve…

The best pillow in 2020 – CNET

Whether you sleep on your side or back, or prefer foam or down, there’s a perfect pillow out there for you. Let’s find it. …read more Source:: CNet

Apple Opens Up — Slightly — on Hong Kong’s National Security Law

An anonymous reader shares a report: After Beijing unilaterally imposed a new national security law on Hong Kong on July 1, many saw the move as an effort by Beijing to crack down on dissent and protests in the semi-autonomous region. Soon after, a number of tech giants — including Microsoft, Twitter and Google —…

Rocket Lab deploys Photon, er, in-house built satellite on Flight 14

Also: More Starlink and hopping fun for SpaceX and Northrop Grumman lights the blue touchpaper for SLS In brief Those pondering what else Rocket Lab got up to on Flight 14 following the successful deployment of the satellite payload for Capella Space got their answer last week in the form of “First Light”, a jumped-up…

The best smart home products of 2020 that aren’t made by Google or Amazon – CNET

We took Google and Amazon out of the running (just this once) to see what other great smart home devices are out there. …read more Source:: CNet

Best laptop deals for Labor Day 2020 still available now – CNET

Whether you’re shopping to go back to school, working remotely or getting into gaming, Labor Day weekend is a good time to buy a laptop. …read more Source:: CNet