Day: September 19, 2020

Should Employers Cut Your Salary If You Change Cities?

CNN reports: Stripe is paying employees $20,000 if they relocate from expensive cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York, where the company has offices. But workers who make the move will have to take a 10% pay cut. “Twitter Inc. and ServiceNow Inc. have all considered similar measures,” reports Bloomberg. And Forbes notes…

Large bat colony drives National Weather Service’s radar batty – CNET

A large swarm is also called a “cauldron” of bats — and this one caused some rather, um, stirring radar imagery. …read more Source:: CNet

TikTok sues Trump again, after his decision on banning downloads of the app – CNET

TikTok and parent company ByteDance say the ban, which is set to kick in Sunday, ignores due process and free speech. …read more Source:: CNet

Best OBD2 scanners in 2020 – Roadshow

Here are the best OBD2 scanners for reading, analyzing and clearing diagnostic trouble codes on your own. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft Submits Linux Kernel Patches to Make Linux Run as Root Partition on Hyper-V

“Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to Linux kernel developers,” reports ZDNet, “requesting that Linux run as the root partition on the Hyper-V, its hypervisor software for running Windows and non-Windows instances on hardware.” Microsoft “wants to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor”, according to Microsoft principle software engineer Wei…

Rolex Becomes World’s Most Expensive ESD Strap

Anti-static ESD straps are de rigueur in lab settings for those working with sensitive electronics. They’re a simple protective device, and one that generally doesn’t warrant a second thought. However, [Daniel Bogdanoff] figured they could stand to be a little more fashionable, and set to work on a fancier design. The first step was to…

The best essential gear for your motorcycle emergency kit – Roadshow

This is some of the best survival gear if you have an accident, need medical assistance or get a flat tire. …read more Source:: CNet

2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum is a surprisingly lux family cruiser – Roadshow

This hybrid minivan is making a bid for the ultimate road-trip machine, thanks to great efficiency, recliner-like seats and an available refrigerator. …read more Source:: CNet

European Spacecraft Flying Past Venus Will Now Look for Signs of Life

“Earlier this week, scientists announced the discovery of phosphine on Venus, a potential signature of life. Now, in an amazing coincidence, a European and Japanese spacecraft is about to fly past the planet — and could confirm the discovery,” writes Forbes. Slashdot reader Iwastheone shares their report: BepiColombo, launched in 2018, is on its way…

Sony says more PS5 consoles are on the way for preorder – CNET

The company apologizes after PlayStation 5 consoles sell out for preorder and says it’ll release more “over the next few days.” …read more Source:: CNet