Day: October 3, 2020

Will New Object Storage Protocol Mean the End For POSIX?

“POSIX has been the standard file system interface for Unix-based systems (which includes Linux) since its launch more than 30 years ago,” writes Enterprise Storage Forum, noting the POSIX-compliant Lustre file system “powers most supercomputers.” Now Slashdot reader storagedude writes: POSIX has scalability and performance limitations that will become increasingly important in data-intensive applications like…

Trump’s condition unclear as his hospital stay for COVID-19 continues – CNET

The White House’s physician says the president is “doing very well.” But reported comments by the White House’s chief of staff raise concern. …read more Source:: CNet

The best cash back credit cards for October 2020 – CNET

Earn rewards every time you spend. …read more Source:: CNet

Best student credit cards for October 2020 – CNET

The best cards for first-timers and students with a limited credit history. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft Office 365 Experienced Two Major Outages Within 3 Days

On Monday long-time Slashdot reader TorinEdge wrote that Microsoft “appears to have botched an internal Office365 cloud services rollout today, with outages confirmed up and down the West Coast of North America. Confirmed roll backs were good early omens, but in the end did not appear to be successful… Symptoms may include: All 365-related services…

Hydrogen-Powered Train Makes Its First Trip in the UK

“Trials of a hydrogen-powered train are underway in the U.K.,” reports CNBC: The HydroFLEX train — which has been developed by a team from the University of Birmingham and Porterbrook, a rolling stock firm — uses a fuel-cell which combines hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, heat and water… It’s hoped that the technology will…

Sunshine in a Bag

Ultraviolet (UV) curing lamps are crucial if you have a resin 3D printer or work with UV adhesives. Some folks line an old Amazon shipping box with foil and drop a spotlight somewhere inside. Other folks toss their work under the all-natural light source, Sol. Both options have portability and reliability problems, but [AudreyObscura] has…

‘Green Hydrogen’ From Renewables Could Become the Cheapest ‘Transformative Fuel’

The Guardian reports: “Green hydrogen” made with wind and solar electricity could become the cheapest form of what the Australian government has described as a “transformative fuel” much faster than expected, analysts believe. Chinese manufacturers have reported making systems to create hydrogen with renewable energy for up to 80% less than official Australian estimates from…

13 Scientists Troll Scientific Journal With a Bogus Paper about Earth’s Black Hole

“They’re trolling us… we think. But how the hell did this get published?” asks Popular Mechanics. Slashdot reader worldofsimulacra shares their report: Scientists have uncovered a bizarre, indefensible paper that squeaked through peer review at what appears at first pass to be a legitimate medical journal… 13 listed authors from wildly different fields throw together…

Trump’s condition unclear as his hospital stay for COVID-19 continues – CNET

White House physician Sean Conley said at a Saturday press conference that the president’s symptoms are resolving and improving. But other reports say there’s cause for concern. …read more Source:: CNet