Day: February 3, 2021

Emotet’s Takedown: Have We Seen the Last of the Malware?

A week after law enforcement agencies said they took down Emotet, there has been no sign of the prolific malware. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Qualcomm delivers mixed Q1 in spite of strong growth in chip sales

Chip sales for handsets, RF front-end, automotive and IoT all showed strong growth in Q1, but overall revenue still fell slightly below expectations. …read more Source:: ZDNet

More patches for SolarWinds Orion after researchers find flaw allowing low-priv users to execute code, among others

Probably not used by last year’s US government-busting attackers, though As if that supply chain attack wasn’t bad enough, SolarWinds has had to patch its Orion software again after eagle-eyed researchers discovered fresh vulnerabilities – including one that can be exploited to achieve remote code execution.… …read more Source:: Register

General Motors Hit by Chip Shortage

General Motors became the latest automaker hit by the global shortage of semiconductor chips as the U.S. automaker said on Wednesday it will take down production next week at four assembly plants. From a report: GM said it will cut production entirely during the week of Feb. 8 at plants in Fairfax, Kansas; Ingersoll, Ontario;…

Orphaned Gimbal Gets Second Chance to Fly

A reality of flying RC aircraft is that at some point, one of your birds is going to fall in the line of duty. It could get lost in the clouds never to be seen again, or perhaps it will become suddenly reacquainted with terra firma. Whatever the reason, your overall enjoyment of the hobby…

New Malware Hijacks Kubernetes Clusters to Mine Monero

Researchers warn that the Hildegard malware is part of ‘one of the most complicated attacks targeting Kubernetes.’ …read more Source:: Threatpost

Over 300 Million Indians May Have COVID-19

About one in four of India’s 1.35 billion people may have been infected with the coronavirus, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing a source with direct knowledge of a government serological survey, suggesting the country’s real caseload was many times higher than reported. From the report: India has confirmed 10.8 million COVID-19 infections, the most anywhere outside…

Adobe offers new free online tools for handling PDF files – CNET

Now you can password protect PDFs or combine multiple PDF files into one at the Acrobat web site. …read more Source:: CNet

Sony Says It Sold 4.5 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles Last Year and Took a Loss on Sales

Sony shipped more than 4.5 million PlayStation 5s from the console’s Nov. 12 launch to the end of the year, but it took a loss on those sales because the PS5’s “strategic price point” is lower than what it cost to manufacture it. From a report: The disclosure was part of Sony’s quarterly report to…

Brilliant Brick Prototyping

Have a rusty collection of protoboards wired together that would benefit from mechanical support? Working on putting together a robot and need to attach PCBAs without drilling holes, zipping a cable tie, or globing hot glue? Add some stud holes with [James Munns]’ Brick Mount! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an interface between…