Day: September 16, 2021

It’s bizarre we’re at a point where reports are written on how human rights trump AI rights

But that’s what UN group has done The protection of human rights should be front and centre of any decision to implement AI-based systems regardless of whether they’re used as corporate tools such as recruitment or in areas such as law enforcement.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Google Doodle honors pioneering green tea chemist Michiyo Tsujimura – CNET

The Japanese scientist’s groundbreaking research led to her becoming the first woman in Japan to earn a doctorate in agriculture. …read more Source:: CNet

Home Computing Pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair Dies Aged 81

LoTonah writes: Sir Clive Sinclair, the man behind the Sinclair Spectrum and the first computer to retail for under a hundred dollars (the Sinclair ZX-81, A.K.A. The Timex/Sinclair 1000), died September 15 after battling a long illness. His daughter, Belinda, said he died at home in London on Thursday morning after a long illness. Sinclair…

CISA, FBI: State-Backed APTs May Be Exploiting Critical Zoho Bug

The newly identified bug in a Zoho single sign-on and password management tool has been under active attack since early August. …read more Source:: Threatpost

New Microsoft Office Arrives Early Next Month, and Won’t Require You To Pay For a Subscription

Microsoft’s new, flat-price version of its Office productivity software will arrive on Oct. 5 — the same day Windows 11 begins rolling out, according to a company blog post Thursday. From a report: Microsoft previously emphasized that while its main focus remains in its subscription offering, Microsoft 365, it will release the one-time purchase Office…

The Morning Show season 2 premiere on Apple TV Plus tonight: When and where to watch it – CNET

The Morning Show’s second season premiere lands tonight on Apple TV Plus, but the service is a little different than the others and the free trial situation has changed. Here’s what to know. …read more Source:: CNet

Aviation-themed phishing campaign pushed off-the-shelf RATs into inboxes for 5 years

Not all promises of international flight itineraries are real, warns Cisco Talos A phishing campaign that mostly targeted the global aviation industry may be connected to Nigeria, according to Cisco Talos.… …read more Source:: Register

ESA Mars rover will drill deeper into the red planet than any other rover – CNET

Drilling in the dee-ee-eep. The ExoMars rover’s Earth-dwelling twin shows off its skills. …read more Source:: CNet

NASA converted a star’s corpse to sound and the result is surprisingly lively – CNET

The remnant of a supernova explosion plays quite a nice tune. …read more Source:: CNet

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81

From pocket calculators to ZX Spectrum and beyond Sir Clive Sinclair died on Thursday at home in London after a long illness, his family said today. He was 81.… …read more Source:: TheRegister