Day: September 16, 2013

HP UK boss sent down … under (yes, he’s going to Australia)

Nick Wilson to be made GM Enterprise Services, MD South Pacific……

Terrorists prefer Gmail, says former chief spook

When you’ve absolutely, positively got to blow up a building, and need a Web mail service to coordinate your plans, most terrorists use Gmail, the former director of the CIA Michael Hayden tells a church audience…….

Apple’s colorful iPhone 5C cases arriving early?

Despite reports that the multihued rubber cases are delayed one- to two-weeks, some folks are already getting their hands on them…….

Revel extends tablet POS into stadium concession segment

Installation for the Alabama State University Hornets represents the latest vertical market for the iPad-based point-of-sale solution…….

iiNet getting ready for 802.11ac

Celeno tapped as silicon supplier……

Online counseling helps vets readjust to civilian life

A former Navy pilot and Army sergeant team up to create Vets Prevail, a free online screening and counseling program to help veterans transition to life back home…….

Tumblr Follows Instagram – Reveals Plan For More Ads

cagraham writes “Following close on the heels of Instagram’s advertising announcement last week, Tumblr has signed an agreement with analytics firm DataSift to provide info to advertisers on user behavior. According to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, who oversaw the recent $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, advertising on the site will become increasingly prevalent throughout 2014….

Winners of Pogo mobile-art contest: You drew that with a stylus?

Submissions to this year’s Pogo Art Contest, which tasks creatives with drawing original work on an iPad or other iOS device, prove that the stylus can be just as mighty as the pencil or paintbrush…….

Pandora’s growth misses a beat

The online radio company warns investors to expect losses in the short term as the rapid growth of its early days starts to slow…….

Another Climate-Change Retraction

jamie writes “It seems every time someone twists global-warming science into ‘good news,’ a retraction is soon to follow, and so it must be for Slashdot. Yesterday, the conservative Wall Street Journal published yet another apologetic claiming ‘the overall effect of climate change will be positive,’ by someone who (of course) is not a climate…