Day: September 17, 2013

Glowing robotic tentacles populate this Petting Zoo

AI creatures at an avant garde installation in France interact with visitors through kinesis, sound, touch, and illumination…….

Will Europe send robot snakes to Mars before Hollywood?

The European Space Agency has asked for a report on the feasibility of teaming a serpentine robot with a rover to explore the red planet using humanity’s creepiest means yet. How has this not already been made into a movie?……

White House petitions FCC to make cell phone unlocking legal

Ban on unlocking cell phones went into effect at the beginning of the year when the Library of Congress opted not to renew a DMCA exemption…….

Canadian Scientists Protest Political Sandbagging of Evidence-Based Policy

New submitter sandbagger writes “Stephen Harper and the Canadian government have made headlines several times for stifling opinions that dissent with their own. This also applies to respected, peer-reviewed science. Canadian scientists have chafed at being gagged and having evidence take a back seat when forming policy, so they’re grabbing their slide rules and marching…

Google’s AdID to take a bite out of third-party cookies

Much the way Apple took the reins of advertising on iOS with iAd, Google’s got a plan to replace third-party advertiser tracking cookies with a proprietary identifier called AdID…….

Darkleech Campaign Targets Java To Spread Reveton Ransomware

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Whatsapp Service Targeted By Fresh Malware

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Why Apple’s got skin in the iPhone case game again

Apple took a year off from making cases with last year’s iPhone 5. But it’s back again with new cases for the 5C and 5S, and for good reason…….

Western Digital Arkeia Appliance 10010 Upload / LFI

Western Digital Arkeia Appliance version 10.0.10 suffers from local file inclusion and unauthenticated firmware upload vulnerabilities…….

OpenEMR 4.1.1 Patch 14 SQL Injection / Shell Upload

OpenEMR version 4.1.1 Patch 14 suffers from remote shell upload and remote SQL injection vulnerabilities…….