Day: October 7, 2018

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which is the best music service? – CNET

There are two big players in music streaming, but there’s only room for one in your life. …read more Source:: CNet

First SpaceX Mission With Astronauts Set For June 2019

schwit1 shares a report from France 24: NASA has announced the first crewed flight by a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) is expected to take place in June 2019. It will be the first manned U.S. launch to the orbiting research laboratory since the space shuttle program was retired in 2011, forcing…

Surface Pro 6, LG V40, Spotify, Fitbit, and Google Pixels (MobileTechRoundup show #447)

Spotify made me very happy for a couple of reasons, as explained onMobileTechRoundup show #447. Kevin’s sleuthing has also uncovered some key details about the upcoming Google Pixel Slate. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Scientists Are Working To Eliminate Senescent Cells

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: In a lab just south of San Francisco I am looking at two blown-up images of microscope slides on a computer screen, side by side. The slides are the same cross-sections of mouse knees from a six-month-old and an 18-month-old animal. The older mouse’s image has…

Towards Open Biomedical Imaging

We live in a world where anyone can build a CT machine. Yes, anyone. It’s made of laser-cut plywood and it looks like a Stargate. Anyone can build an MRI machine. Of course, these machines aren’t really good enough for medical diagnosis, or good enough to image anything that’s alive for that matter. This project…

iFixit Confirms You Can Still Repair Your Own iMac Pro Or MacBook Pro — At Least For Now

After it was reported that proprietary diagnostic software was needed in order to replace key parts on computers equipped with Apple’s T2 chip, iFixit decided to put that claim to the test by replacing a part on a brand-new 2018 MacBook Pro. They found that after pulling it apart and replacing the display, it still…

Venom bites head off October box office record – CNET

The creepy Symbiote wraps itself around all the other films, though Lady Gaga’s A Star is Born remake also does well. …read more Source:: CNet

SNL mocks presidential alert in fake ad for Cricket Wireless – CNET

When personal messages from the president go over the top, bad cell service can be a plus. …read more Source:: CNet

Canadian Music Group Proposes ‘Copyright Tax’ On Internet Use

After ongoing discussions and proposals about new taxes and fees to compensate creators for “missed revenue,” the Screen Composers Guild of Canada is calling for a copyright tax on all broadband data use above 15 gigabytes per month. TorrentFreak reports: A proposal from the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC), put forward during last week’s…

UK Cyber Security Agency Backs Apple, Amazon China Hack Denials

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Britain’s national cyber security agency said on Friday it had no reason to doubt the assessments made by Apple and Amazon challenging a Bloomberg report that their systems contained malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence services. “We are aware of the media reports but at this…