Day: October 11, 2018

WebSphere and loathing in New York: IBM yanks buggy application server security fix from admins

Patched server, or working server. Pick one… IBM has withdrawn a patch for a significant security vulnerability in its WebSphere Application Server after the code knackered some systems.… …read more Source:: Register

Chinese Intelligence Officer Under Arrest for Trade Secret Theft

Yanjun Xu attempted to steal data on advanced aviation technology that GE Aviation, among others, had spent billions developing. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Apollo 11 commemorative coin puts its best moon foot forward – CNET

The US Mint unveils a coin designed to mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission in 2019. …read more Source:: CNet

Window Snyder Shares Her Plans for Intel Security

The security leader, known for her role in securing Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla, discusses her new gig and what she’s working on now. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Kanye West meets with Trump, reveals iPhone passcode is 000000 – CNET

Don’t look to Kanye for phone security tips. …read more Source:: CNet

CoinMiners Use New Tricks To Impersonate Adobe Flash Installers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bleeping Computer: Cryptocurrency miners are now being distributed by a new campaign pretending to be Adobe Flash Player installers. While this is not new, this particular campaign is going the extra mile to appear legitimate by not only installing a miner, but also updating Flash Player as well….

Senate seeks internal memo on Google+ vulnerability – CNET

The lawmakers are asking Google to be “more forthcoming with the public.” …read more Source:: CNet

Facebook Portal vs. Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show – CNET

It’s a three-way, smart display showdown among the biggest names in tech — so how do these new options stack up? …read more Source:: CNet

New Drupalgeddon Attacks Enlist Shellbot to Open Backdoors

Drupalgeddon 2.0 vulnerability is being exploited again by attackers using a time-honored technique of Shellbot, or PerlBot. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Trashed TV Gets RGB LED Backlight

It might not be obvious unless you’ve taken one apart, but most of the TVs and monitors listed as “LED” are simply LCD panels that use a bank of LEDs to illuminate them from behind. Similarly, what are generally referred to as “LCDs” are LCD panels that use fluorescent tubes for illumination. To get a…