Day: October 27, 2018

What Happens When Telecom Companies Search Your Home For Piracy

ted_pikul writes: Adam Lackman ran TVAddons, a site hosting unofficial addons for Kodi media center. Last year, a legal team representing some of Canada’s most powerful telecom and media companies raided his home with a court order — they searched his apartment, copying hard drives and devices, took his laptop, and shut down his website…

Twitter apologizes for not addressing threat later linked to mail bombs – CNET

The social network says it should’ve responded differently when a user flagged a threatening tweet she says turned out to be from pipe-bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc. …read more Source:: CNet

New SystemD Vulnerability Discovered

The Register reports that a new security bug in systemd “can be exploited over the network to, at best, potentially crash a vulnerable Linux machine, or, at worst, execute malicious code on the box” by a malicious host on the same network segment as the victim. According to one Red Hat security engineer, “An attacker…

Chiptunes In An Altoids Tin

For [Dejan]’s entry to the Musical Instrument Challenge in this year’s Hackaday Prize, he’s tapping into some of the great work that has been done over the years to bring bleeps and bloops to the masses. He’s building a drum machine, a bass synth, and an arpeggiator that fits in your pocket, in a handy…

Twelve Malicious Python Libraries Found and Removed From PyPI

An anonymous reader writes: A software security engineer has identified 12 Python libraries uploaded on the official Python Package Index (PyPI) that contained malicious code. The 12 packages used typo-squatting in the hopes a user would install them by accident or carelessness when doing a “pip install” operation for a mistyped more popular package, like…

Extra lens for your new iPhone? Hitcase has a bundle – CNET

Heading into the holiday season Hitcase is offering discount bundles for its iPhone cases, lens and other accessories. …read more Source:: CNet

NASA Revives Hubble Space Telescope After Three-Week Mechanical Failure

“NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope returned to normal operations late Friday, Oct. 26, and completed its first science observations on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 2:10 AM EDT,” NASA reports. The observations were of the distant, star-forming galaxy DSF2237B-1-IR and were taken in infrared wavelengths with the Wide Field Camera 3 instrument. The return to conducting science…

It took us four drops to break the iPhone XR camera – CNET

We dropped a brand-new iPhone XR on the sidewalk to find out just how tough this phone is compared to the more expensive iPhone XS and yes, we broke the camera. …read more Source:: CNet

Night Sight on the Pixel 3 makes an incredible difference – CNET

We tried the Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 XL and the results are amazing. …read more Source:: CNet

Kansas ‘Swat’ Perpetrator Will Now Plead Guilty To Dozens More Swat Incidents

An anonymous reader quotes NBC News: The California man behind a years-long string of hoax 911 calls — including one that ended in a Kansas man’s death — wants to plead guilty to all charges, court documents revealed. Tyler Rai Barriss, 25, intends to waive his right to trial and admit guilt to a 46-count…