Day: November 10, 2018

Did We Miss an Interstellar Comet Four Years Ago?

Long-time Slashdot reader RockDoctor writes: A paper published on Arxiv last week reports on a project to redetermine the “orbits of long period comets… We recently attempted to check, whether the assumption of a parabolic orbit for hundreds of comets discovered after 1950 is fully justified in all cases.” The full work by Królikowska &…

The best Black Friday 2018 deals on Xbox One consoles, games – CNET

Whether you’re in the market for the Xbox One S or the higher-powered Xbox One X, we’ve got the deals and games you should be looking at. …read more Source:: CNet

Lime yanks some scooters from service over worry they can break apart – CNET

The e-scooter rental company says it’s investigating concerns that the scooters can fall apart during rides. …read more Source:: CNet

Black Friday deals 2018: $300 off Galaxy S9, Note 9, S9 Plus or $300 gift card – CNET

Discount and gift cards, oh my! …read more Source:: CNet

What’s Inside that New Mac Mini Anyway?

It’s been four long years since Apple has refreshed their entry-level desktop line. Those that have been waiting for a redesign of the Mac Mini can now collectively exhale as the Late 2018 edition has officially been released. Thanks to [iFixit] we have a clearer view of what’s changed in the new model as they…

Black Friday 2018 is nothing compared to China’s Singles Day – CNET

Mark your calendars. Nov. 11 is the day when all shopping records are broken. …read more Source:: CNet

Disgruntled Security Researcher Publishes Major VirtualBox 0-Day Exploit

“A Russian security researcher has published details about a zero-day vulnerability affecting VirtualBox, an Oracle software application for running virtual machines,” reports ZDNet. According to a text file uploaded on GitHub, Saint Petersburg-based researcher Sergey Zelenyuk has found a chain of bugs that can allow malicious code to escape the VirtualBox virtual machine (the guest…

Apple Blocks Linux From Booting On New Hardware With T2 Security Chip

AmiMoJo writes: Apple’s new-generation Macs come with a new so-called Apple T2 security chip that’s supposed to provide a secure enclave co-processor responsible for powering a series of security features, including Touch ID. At the same time, this security chip enables the secure boot feature on Apple’s computers, and by the looks of things, it’s…

Galaxy X: Everything we know about the price, specs, release date for Samsung’s foldable phone – CNET

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Black Friday deals 2018: Pixel 3 for $600, Pixel 3 XL for $700 – CNET

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