Day: November 28, 2018

Amazon’s self-driving AI robo-car – THE TRUTH (it’s a few inches in size)

Cloud cash cow expands its menu with accelerator chip, machine learning stuff, and more re:Invent Rent-a-cloud biz AWS has cooked up a melange of still more AI-oriented bit bundles to serve pay-as-you-go customers, topped with the promise of AI-enhancing hardware and a throwable self-driving car.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Box Q3 tops estimates as cloud company nears profitability

Box CFO Dylan Smith said the company expects to deliver its first quarter of non-GAAP profitability in its fiscal Q4. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Amazon re:Invent: Data partner news summary

AWS re:Invent is taking place in Las Vegas this week. Here’s a summary of news from Amazon’s data, analytics and AI ecosystem partners. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Sniffing RFID Readers With A Piece of Paper

We feature plenty of printed projects here on Hackaday, though they tend to be of the three dimensional type thanks to the proliferation of affordable 3D printers. But in this case, [Milosch Meriac] has managed to put together a printable design that’s not only a very cool hack, but is made up of a scant…

2019 Mazda3 debuts at LA Auto Show with Skyactiv-X tech – Roadshow

Beneath the new minimalist design, you’ll find smarter safety features and the first appearance of Mazda’s Skyactiv-X engine technology. …read more Source:: CNet

Porsche’s GT2 RS Clubsport is evidence that all of Weissach must be on drugs – Roadshow

The new GT2 RS Clubsport is a track-only, 700-horsepower test of your bravery and we love it. …read more Source:: CNet

Porsche’s GT2 RS Clubsport is a limited-production track-only weapon – Roadshow

The track-only Clubsport version of the supremely nutty GT2 RS road car. …read more Source:: CNet

Amazon Unveils Elastic Inference, FSx for Windows File Server, Inferentia, Self-driving Racing League DeepRacer, SageMaker Ground Truth, and Outposts

Amazon Web Services announced a slew of new or updated offerings at its cloud-computing conference in Las Vegas, seeking to maintain its lead in the market for internet-based computing. Following is a rundown. Amazon Elastic Inference is a new service that lets customers attach GPU-powered inference acceleration to any Amazon EC2 instance and reduces deep…

ThreatList: Cryptominers Dominate Malware Growth in 2018

The rise of piracy has helped drive the spike in attacks. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Google Has a Plan To Eliminate Mosquitoes Around the World

Zorro shares a report: Silicon Valley researchers are attacking flying bloodsuckers in California’s Fresno County. It’s the first salvo in an unlikely war for Google parent Alphabet: eradicating mosquito-borne diseases around the world. A white high-top Mercedes van winds its way through the suburban sprawl and strip malls as a swarm of male Aedes aegypti…