Day: July 11, 2019

APT Groups Make Quadruple What They Spend on Attack Tools

Some advanced persistent threat actors can spend north of $1 million on attacks, but the return on that investment can be huge. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Investigating Some Subscription Scam iOS Apps

Security engineer Ivan writes: For some reason Apple allows “subscription scam” apps on the App Store. These are apps that are free to download and then ask you to subscribe right on launch. It’s called the freemium business model, except these apps ask you to subscribe for “X” feature(s) immediately when you launch them, and…

Best Prime Day Apple deals so far: iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods already on sale – CNET

They may not be plentiful, but Amazon does have some deals on Apple products — and some are available right now. …read more Source:: CNet

Kanye West turns to Star Wars for low-income housing design – CNET

Yeezy wants to create prefabricated housing that could fit in on Luke Skywalker’s home planet. …read more Source:: CNet

Oh, lovely, a bipartisan election hack alert law bill for Mitch McConnell to feed into the shredder

Proposed legislation would force Homeland Security to sound alarm on voting system intrusions Two US lawmakers are pushing a bipartisan bill that would force the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to alert the public of hacking attempts on election computer systems.… …read more Source:: Register

IBM torches Big Tech’s get-out-of-jail-free card, says websites should be held responsible for netizen-posted content

Make life hell for cloud giants hiding behind Section 230 – oh sh… did we say that out loud, says Big Blue Analysis IBM has broken ranks with the tech industry – and advocated for changes to a US law that shields websites from legal headaches regarding the stuff their users post online.… …read more…

Microsoft Teams Overtakes Slack With 13 Million Daily Users

Microsoft is finally revealing exactly how many people are using its Slack competitor Microsoft Teams. From a report: The software maker says that more than 13 million people are using Microsoft Teams daily, along with more than 19 million weekly active users. This is the first time Microsoft has revealed an active user count, and…

New Cadillac Escalade could pack Camaro ZL1’s 650-hp V8, report says – Roadshow

Cadillac hasn’t yet offered a brutal variant of its luxo-barge SUV, but that may change. …read more Source:: CNet

How to Catch a Phish: Where Employee Awareness Falls Short

Advanced phishing techniques and poor user behaviors that exacerbate the threat of successful attacks. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Machine learning goes beyond theory to beat human poker champs

How to deal with a breakdown in theoretical support in machine learning? Researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Facebook describe winning many hands against the world’s top poker players by inventing smart search strategies to counter a lack of theoretical math used most game-playing AI. …read more Source:: ZDNet