Day: July 25, 2019

WhatsApp Pay is coming this year, report says – CNET

But only in India for now. …read more Source:: CNet

Google Pixel sales doubled thanks to budget Pixel 3A – CNET

The introduction of the budget Pixel 3A helped drive the performance. …read more Source:: CNet

Star Wars arcade machine now available for preorder – CNET

The $499.99 machine is available through GameStop. …read more Source:: CNet

YouTube video takedowns of harmful content haven’t hurt revenue – CNET

Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat says the company’s doing just fine. …read more Source:: CNet

‘No Doubt Left’ About Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, Say Experts

The scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming is likely to have passed 99%, according to the lead author of the most authoritative study on the subject, and could rise further after separate research that clears up some of the remaining doubts. From a report: Three studies published in Nature and Nature Geoscience…

Streamlining Patch Management: Expert Advice

Webinar examines challenges in patch management and offers solutions to streamline the process. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Sues Google For $50 Million Over Suspension of Ad Account

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the long-shot presidential candidate from Hawaii, is suing Google for infringing on her free speech (alternative source) when it briefly suspended her campaign’s advertising account after the first Democratic debate in June. The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles, is seeking damages of at least $50 million….

South Africans shivering after ransomware infection knackers power grid for Johannesburg

City says no customer data stolen in malware outbreak The city of Johannesburg in South Africa is working to get its power grid back online after a ransomware infection blocked service for some customers.… …read more Source:: Register

Alphabet Q2 tops expectations as net income surges

The Mountain View-based tech giant said its board of directors approved an additional $25 billion share repurchase of its Class C capital stock. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Amazon delivers mixed Q2 results with Prime’s one-day shipping under way

Revenues for the quarter exceeded expectations, as Amazon says customers are responding positively to Prime’s move to one-day delivery. Earnings, however, disappointed. …read more Source:: ZDNet