Day: July 27, 2019

Pixel 3A vs. Moto G7: What’s the best budget phone? – CNET

Bigger screen or better camera? We decide if the Pixel 3A or the Moto G7 is the best phone under $400. …read more Source:: CNet

NYT: Boeing Was Certifying Its Own Safety For the 737 Max

Boeing’s 737 Max was built with “effectively neutered” oversight, writes the New York Times, citing interviews with over a dozen current and former employees at America’s Federal Aviation Agency. Their damning conclusion? The agency “had never independently assessed the risks of the dangerous software known as MCAS when they approved the plane in 2017.” The…

OnePlus 7 Pro: How ‘waterproof’ is it really? – CNET

No IP rating, no problem. …read more Source:: CNet

iPhone 11, 11r and 11 Max: What we expect from Apple in September – CNET

Every plausible rumor about the 2019 iPhone lineup to date. …read more Source:: CNet

Hot Weather Cuts French, German Nuclear Power Output

AmiMoJo quotes Reuters: Scorching temperatures across Europe coupled with prolonged dry weather has reduced French nuclear power generation by around 5.2 gigawatts (GW) or 8%, French power grid operator RTE’s data showed on Thursday. Electricity output was curtailed at six reactors by 0840 GMT on Thursday, while two other reactors were offline, data showed. High…

This Wristwatch Is A Free Form Work Of Art

Free-form circuitry built as open wire sculpture can produce beautiful pieces of electronics, but it does not always lend itself to situations in which it might be placed under physical stress. Thus the sight of [Mile]’s free-form wristwatch is something of a surprise, as a wristwatch cam be exposed to significant mechanical stress in its…

Decades-Old Computer Science ‘Boolean Sensitivity’ Conjecture Solved in Two Pages

Long-time Slashdot reader Faizdog writes: The “sensitivity” conjecture stumped many top computer scientists, yet the new proof is so simple that one researcher summed it up in a single tweet. “This conjecture has stood as one of the most frustrating and embarrassing open problems in all of combinatorics and theoretical computer science,” wrote Scott Aaronson…

‘YouTube’s Plan To Rein In Conspiracy Theories Is Failing’

An anonymous reader quotes the Huffington Post: Six months ago, under tremendous public pressure, YouTube announced that it would tweak its algorithm to recommend fewer videos “that could misinform users in harmful ways.” It was a major step for a company that has spent years driving people toward increasingly sensationalist content — including dangerous disinformation…

Unique Monokle Android Malware Self Signs Certificates

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

No More Ransom Saves Ransomware Victims $108 Million

…read more Source:: PacketStorm