Month: May 2020

Microsoft Edge To Save Edits Made To PDF Files Without Saving a Copy Each Time

techtsp quotes The Windows Club: In a major breakthrough, Microsoft Edge now supports Native File System API, which will take progressive web apps and their usage to a whole new level. An official roadmap entry points towards the new development, which only means one thing: Bridging the native app gap using modern web technologies… This…

If This Is Your Inspiration From Space, You’re Doing It Wrong

So after a false start due to bad weather, the first manned launch of a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule with two astronauts on board has gone ahead. After playing catch-up with the ISS for around 27 hours they’re now safely aboard. At times it seems that space launches have become everyday occurrences, but they are…

Zoom’s New, Stronger Encryption May Only Protect Paying Clients

“Zoom plans to strengthen the encryption of its service for paying customers,” reports Newsweek, “but the upgrade will not be available to users of its free service.” Zoom security consultant Alex Stamos later confirmed the details of the reported move in an interview with Reuters, which first reported the changes on Friday. But he also…

’It’s fundamental’: Graphcore CEO believes new kinds of AI will prove the worth of a new kind of computer

Graphcore, the four-year-old startup based in Bristol, England, has a chip that takes the kinds of math that a neural network processes and splits them across 1,216 tiny computers, each of which does its work in parallel with its brethren. The company believes its chip makes new kinds of AI possible. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Ask Slashdot: Why is Microsoft Blocking Its Own Server Pages?

Long-time Slashdot reader lpq writes: I followed a link that pointed at a Microsoft security advisory about “.lnk” files. The original link,, produced this message: Your request has been blocked. This may be due to several reasons. 1. You are using a proxy that is known to send automated requests to Microsoft. Check with…

Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Best Buy, Target and GameStop – CNET

Just updated: Here’s where you can find the $200 portable version of Nintendo’s hot gaming console. …read more Source:: CNet

Get this 5-mode electric toothbrush with replaceable heads for just $16 – CNET

The Fairywell Sonic Electric Toothbrush is an inexpensive way to clean up your brushing habits. …read more Source:: CNet

The Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad is back on sale for $100 – CNET

That’s $60 off the regular price of this folio-style keyboard for the current-generation iPad 10.2, iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Air. …read more Source:: CNet

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a $60 A-list game you can download for free – CNET

Epic’s free game of the week is a bundle that includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. …read more Source:: CNet

Give a new Apple Watch Series 5 to dad for just $300 – CNET

Now back to its all-time best price, this is a good time to get Apple’s only watch with a full-time display. …read more Source:: CNet