Day: November 18, 2020

GM issues a recall for ‘overcured’ tires – Roadshow

Around 7,500 vehicles are affected by this action, including a smattering models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. …read more Source:: CNet

Widespread Scans Underway for RCE Bugs in WordPress Websites

WordPress websites using buggy Epsilon Framework themes are being hunted by hackers. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Hear the spacey sounds NASA’s Perseverance recorded on the way to Mars – CNET

Ah, the dulcet tones of a heat rejection fluid pump. …read more Source:: CNet

Disney Plus: Everything to know about Disney’s streaming app – CNET

Disney Plus streams almost everything Disney makes, and it has emerged as the big winner in the so-called streaming wars. Here’s everything to know. …read more Source:: CNet

How IT and sales can collaborate to drive growth, innovation, and improve stakeholder experience

In the wake of significant business disruption, IT, and sales leaders must collaborate and develop strategies to drive growth, innovation, and improved stakeholder relationship. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Hard to believe but Congress just approved an IoT security law and it doesn’t totally suck

Secure coding, identity management, patching, configuration controls, what madness is this? Every now and again the US Congress manages to do its job and yesterday was one of those days: the Senate passed a new IoT cybersecurity piece of legislation that the House also approved, and it will now move to the President’s desk.… …read…

Immunity To the Coronavirus May Last Years, New Data Hint

How long might immunity to the coronavirus last? Years, maybe even decades, according to a new study — the most hopeful answer yet to a question that has shadowed plans for widespread vaccination. From a report: Eight months after infection, most people who have recovered still have enough immune cells to fend off the virus…

The best movies to watch on Disney Plus for Thanksgiving – CNET

Stuffed with turkey and ready for a wholesome movie? Here are options for everyone. …read more Source:: CNet

Chrome and Firefox reportedly now available for Apple’s M1 Macs – CNET

Google’s browser now supports the new lineup of computers with Apple’s home-made silicon, a report says. …read more Source:: CNet

1% of People Cause Half of Global Aviation Emissions, Study Says

Frequent-flying “super emitters” who represent just 1% of the world’s population caused half of aviation’s carbon emissions in 2018, according to a study. From a report: Airlines produced a billion tonnes of CO2 and benefited from a $100bn subsidy by not paying for the climate damage they caused, the researchers estimated. The analysis draws together…