Day: October 17, 2021

‘Dirty Servers’: The Untold Story of The Great Twitch Breach of 2014

A 2014 breach at Twitch “was so bad that Twitch essentially had to rebuild much of its code infrastructure because the company eventually decided to assume most of its servers were compromised,” reports Vice. “They figured it would be easier to just label them ‘dirty,’ and slowly migrate them to new servers, according to three…

New Study Finds Ridesharing Actually Increases Pollution, Congestion

Greg Bensinger of the New York Times editorial board argues ridesharing companies haven’t delivered on their promises of well-paying driver jobs with less traffic congestion (let alone their predictions of an end to car ownership — or even of a sustainable, profitable, business model). And he adds that now a new study “is punching a…

QB64 Hits Version 2.0, Gets Enhanced Debugging

Despite the name, BASIC isn’t exactly a language recommended for beginners these days. Technology has moved on, and now most people would steer you towards Python if you wanted to get your feet wet with software development. But for those who got their first taste of programming by copying lines of BASIC out of a…

Squid Game skit on SNL: Pete Davidson and Rami Malek deliver a deadly parody – CNET

Squid Game is a hit on Netflix, but Saturday Night Live twangs it up with a country-music video twist. …read more Source:: CNet

The Moon Will Soon Have Its Own Internet

“Humanity will return to the lunar surface in 2024 as part of the Artemis program,” writes the Auto Evolution site. “However, before NASA begins shuttling people to our natural satellite, it has to build a network there that will go beyond Earth’s low orbit and connect space to Earth in a sort of Internet connection…”…

Emily Hampshire explains how her Demi Lovato interview turned into clickbait – CNET

On CNET’s I’m So Obsessed podcast, Emily Hampshire from Chapelwaite on Epix shares how for Halloween she dressed as “Stevie King,” a hybrid of writer Stephen King and her character Stevie from Schitt’s Creek. …read more Source:: CNet

MacBook Pro 2021: Every rumor we’ve heard ahead of tomorrow’s Apple event – CNET

New MacBook Pro models with a beefed up version of Apple’s M1 processor could make an appearance on Monday. …read more Source:: CNet

Facebook disputes report its AI has little effect on hate speech – CNET

Facebook exec says hate speech on the platform has declined 50% in recent quarters. …read more Source:: CNet

5G Lobbyist Argues It May Be a Long Time Before Autonomous Vehicles Reach Cities

Slashdot reader dkatana shares IoT Times interview with Dr. Johannes Springer, Director General for the 5G Automotive Association, an EU lobbying group pushing for the inclusion of short-range 5G wireless technology in autonomous vehicles for vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Springer describes some of the services already being tested (like in Hamburg, Germany, where even traffic lights can…

Is the Comic Book Industry Dying or Thriving?

Somewhere on Yahoo, one writer asks “Is the comic book industry dying or thriving?” There was a time when comic books were sold at newsstands alongside mainstream publications, according to Forbes, but that changed in the early 1980s when periodical comics all but disappeared from newsstands. From then on, the vast majority of comic books…