Day: October 22, 2021

Ryan Gosling could be playing Ken in an upcoming Barbie movie – CNET

The actor is reportedly one step closer to signing on for a Warner Bros. film directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie. …read more Source:: CNet

Power Rangers’ first NFT lets you redeem for a darker-style Megazord for $200 – CNET

Hasbro’s first NFT release spotlights the Power Rangers franchise with a limited release. …read more Source:: CNet

T-Mobile delays shutdown of Sprint 3G network by three months. – CNET

The new date is now March 31, 2022. …read more Source:: CNet

Spacecraft spots mesmerizing swirls at one of the lowest points on Mars – CNET

The curving patterns — found inside one of the largest impact craters in the solar system — have a puzzling origin. …read more Source:: CNet

A Math Teacher is Putting Calculus Lessons on Pornhub

An anonymous reader shares a report: It’s safe to assume that few Pornhub visitors are looking for hour-long calculus videos (by a fully-clothed instructor), but Taiwanese math teacher Changhsu puts them there anyway. His channel is filled with over 200 decidedly unsexy chalkboard lessons about topics like differential equations. The 34-year-old math tutor found the…

Microsoft under fire again from open-source .NET devs: Hot Reload feature pulled for sake of Visual Studio sales

Windows giant has a funny way of ‘loving’ Free software Microsoft has enraged the open-source .NET community by removing flagship functionality from open-source .NET to bolster the appeal of Visual Studio, not least against its cross-platform cousin Visual Studio Code.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Intel Open-sources AI-powered Tool To Spot Bugs in Code

Intel has open-sourced ControlFlag , a tool that uses machine learning to detect problems in computer code — ideally to reduce the time required to debug apps and software. From a report: In tests, the company’s machine programming research team says that ControlFlag has found hundreds of defects in proprietary, “production-quality” software, demonstrating its usefulness….

aDolus raises $2.5 million to secure critical infrastructure and grow sales and marketing team

Software supply chain security experts to drive aggressive go-to-market strategy …read more Source:: DarkReading

Apple updates App Store rules to allow developers more communication with customers – CNET

In August, Apple settled a class action lawsuit with some developers, despite continuing to battle Fortnite maker Epic Games. …read more Source:: CNet

Pokemon Go November 2021 events: Raids, Diamond and Pearl event and more – CNET

A lot is happening in Pokemon Go in November 2021. Here are the biggest events. …read more Source:: CNet