Day: November 6, 2021

Matt Smith on the ’60s, the ’90s and the Game of Thrones prequel – CNET

He fit right in to Last Night in Soho’s swinging London, but does he miss Doctor Who? …read more Source:: CNet

Mars rover eyes fascinating layered rocks that could hide clues to planet’s past – CNET

NASA’s Perseverance found the kind of rocks that often form in water, and it’s going in for a closer look. …read more Source:: CNet

Eternals post-credits scenes explained, and future MCU possibilities they create – CNET

We get two extra scenes and some epic cameos to set up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. …read more Source:: CNet

Peloton Joins Companies Blaming Lower Earnings on Apple’s Tracking Restrictions

Peloton, the makers of an internet-connected exercise bike, saw their stock price drop 35% overnight on Thursday, reports CNBC. “At least four Wall Street investment firms downgraded the stock following Peloton’s dismal fiscal first-quarter financial report… Peloton’s stock has fallen 63% year to date.” The company had cut its annual revenue forecast — by $1…

Groovin’ With a Gesture-Controlled MP3 Player

Touchscreens are great, but they’re not always the perfect solution. Trying to operate one with gloves on (even alleged “touchscreen-friendly” ones) can be cumbersome at best, and if the screen is on a publicly-shared device, such as a checkout kiosk it can easily become a home for bacteria, viruses and all sorts of other nasty…

A US/Foreign Government Operation Hijacked the Servers of a Major Ransomware Gang

The U.S. Department of Defense’s internet-defending Cyber Command teamed with “a foreign government” in two operations which shut down a major overseas ransomware group by hijacking its servers, reports the Washington Post. Several U.S. officials told the Post the operation left the ransomware gang’s leaders “too frightened of identification and arrest to stay in business.”…

Weekend deals: Amazon Echo Buds 2, SodaStream, Fitbit and more early Black Friday deals – CNET

Black Friday sales are already in full swing. Here are a few deals you should check out. …read more Source:: CNet

Is Modern Software Development Too Complex?

“It has never been more difficult to be a software developer than it is today,” says Nigel Simpson, a former director of enterprise technology strategy at Walt Disney. And they’re not the only one who thinks so, writes the U.K. Group editor of InfoWorld: “Complexity kills,” Lotus Notes creator and Microsoft veteran Ray Ozzie famously…

US Passes Massive Infrastructure Bill, Investing in Clean Energy, Electric Cars, and Broadband Internet

Late Friday night U.S. Congressmen passed a long-awaited Bipartisan Infrastructure bill. “The infrastructure package contains $550 billion in entirely new investments, including money for electric-car charging stations and zero-emission school buses,” reports the Washington Post. “The spending is mostly paid for — without raising taxes. The bulk of the funding comes from repurposing unspent coronavirus…

Separating Ideas From Words

We covered Malamud’s General Index this week, and Mike and I were talking about it on the podcast as well. It’s the boldest attempt we’ve seen so far to open up scientific knowledge for everyone, and not just the wealthiest companies and institutions. The trick is how to do that without running afoul of copyright…