Long-time Slashdot reader v3rgEz quotes MuckRock: Government investigations into California’s electricity shortage, ultimately determined to be caused by intentional market manipulations and capped retail electricity prices by the now infamous Enron Corporation, resulted in terabytes of information being collected by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This included several extremely large databases, some of which had nearly 200 million rows of data, including Enron’s bidding and price processes, their trading and risk management systems, emails, audio recordings, and nearly 100,000 additional documents. That information has quietly disappeared, and not even its custodians seem to know why.
The web page where a defense contractor hosts the data has been down since 2013, and after a one-month wait they replied to a request by stating the data was “under review” and “currently not accessible,” adding that it might never be available again. And while a U.S. government site also claims they offer a trio of datasets on CD, that agency “has not responded to repeated requests for these datasets sent over the past two months.”
The site also instructs visitors to email Lockheed Martin, who maintains some of the data — but the provided email address bounces.

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