Long-time Slashdot reader ArchieBunker writes:

Everyone’s favorite security focused operating system OpenBSD released version 7.0 Thursday. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, support for RISC-V processors has been added.

It’s 26 years old, and still chugging along. One interesting feature highlighted by Phoronix:

Improving the ARM64 platform support with improved drivers for the Apple Silicon / Apple M1 but still not considered ready yet for end-users. OpenBSD 7.0 improvements on the Apple M1 include support for installing on a disk with a GPT and various Apple driver improvements for USB, GPIO, SPMI, NVMe storage, and other Apple M1 hardware components.

Also check out the 7.0 Song: “The Style Hymn” (part of an archive of all the OpenBSD release songs).

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